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How do you deal with clutter?

Right, bit of a different post today because I am after advice. I have an issue. Clutter. It’s everywhere and no matter what I try it just ends up annoying the hell out of me! I know if I had the money I would go out and buy a new filing cabinet to put my paperwork in and also a cabinet or side board with cupboards and drawers to replace the desk at the dining room end 1gl @ Flickr.comof my downstairs room. Storage downstairs is a nightmare. There are no in built cupboards other than in the kitchen which are all in use. Upstairs I have 3 wardrobes and 1 cupboard in my bedroom and before anyone assumes, only 2 of them are full of clothes so I do have space up there to put some stuff. The problem though is mainly toys! If I had a filing cabinet the piles of paperwork would be gone.

B insists on having toys downstairs, she really can’t get the concept of taking things away, but, in her defence her room is so full of stuff as it is that if she tried to put things away in her room it wouldn’t all fit. She won’t “downsize” on her amount of, what is mostly naff little bits. To her it’s all special and as such I am ok on the most part with her keeping things. H on the other hand, doesn’t play upstairs although has some of her little toys in her room from when she was smaller. All her other toys are down here. I sorted them out about 4 weeks ago and changed the storage so that it would hopefully work better, but oh no, it still is just a great big heap of toys that no matter what you do looks a mess!

The thing is, I am actually a tidy person. I hate the fact the house is always in turmoil and I look forward to when the kids stuff is all in their rooms. I can blame the storage and the toys and all the rest of it, but other people manage – I don’t know of any friends whose houses look as unorganised! So, practical solutions, cheap solutions. (The unit I want for my dining room is £160 so won’t be getting it for a while). Any advice, please???????


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  1. You need to check out Gosh I wish I got commisions for everytime I have mentioned the site in the past 5 years.

    Comment by newdaynewlesson | April 9, 2010 | Reply

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