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MumtoJ & JI’ve had a wonderful day today. Along with Mumtoj and all 3 kids we went to the seaside for the day as our Farewell Day Out before they leave for Oz next week. It was one of those days that was just perfect in every way. We left home at 8.30am and every one was full of the joys of spring. There was a little worry the weather would be awful, but it was spot on what we could have hoped for at this time of year. 

It was your typical trip to a BritishSandcastles seaside town. We visited the Sea Life centre and ate fish and chips, we played on the beach in our coats, we ate hot doughnuts on the sea front and all the kids fell asleep on the way home! We swapped gifts and cards with sentimental messages, we laughed and at the end of the day we cried. 

It always amazes me though, how the most perfect of days just happen. Sure we had planned to go to the seasideOn the beach for the day out but that was all we could plan. We couldn’t plan how many tantrums happened, we couldn’t plan the rain to stay away and we couldn’t plan saying goodbye, because at the end of it all we managed to rearrange seeing each other one more time before they go. So on Monday I will call to theirs for the very last time, to collect the vacuum cleaner they can’t take and were going to skip. I’m not taking the girls because that was hard enough today. But Monday I will have to say goodbye, with no perfect day at the beach before hand!


Love you Mumtoj and I wish you all the best…………..but remember, we will always have Hunstanton lol!!!!


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