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Who would you pick?

Over at A Mother’s Ramblings I have been tagged in this Meme and I love it!


So what’s this all about? Well, in a nut shell it’s a bit like the list people have of the top 10 celebs they would have a little fun with given the chance. Only this time round it’s the top 5 fictional characters that you would happily bed should they actually turn out to be real!!! Or, lets face it, the top 5 fictional characters you find yourself having the best dreams about!!! I was tagged 5 minutes ago and here I am with my list because this one isn’t all that hard! So without further ado, in reverse order I give you my 5:

5. Dr Who!

Ok, yes I love David Tennant but I have to say for the purpose of this meme only the picture refers to David, I actually think Dr Who is ace – who wouldn’t want to be with the man who can defeat anything that’s thrown at him – and if you get bored of him don’t worry eventually he will regenerate and change his look!


4. Peter Petrelli (Heroes)

I know this guy is not whiter than white, but his heart is in the right place and if his passion for his beliefs are anything to go by I bet he’s pretty good at other passions too!!

3. Jasper Hale (Cullen) – Twilight

This cheeky chappy has the look, can control feelings (so your guaranteed to have fun) and he needs a bit of practice controlling his thirst. There wouldn’t be a dull moment with this one!!

2. Eric Northman – True Blood

Now this one is based on the TV program and the books, this is a Vamp that’s good to have on your side, is hot, and actually deep down knows how to treat a woman well! (In all ways, trust me, from the books I know there is a lot to come for this one!)

And now for my number 1, all time, Fictional character I’d like to……………. has to go to the one and only


See full size image

Now this is 100% the character, I was in love with Edward from the books, before I even saw the films he was my ideal man. He’s not perfect, for a start he’s a vampire, oh and incidentally he only loves Bella because he’s never met me! And I also love his Shiny Volvo so there is scope for lots of fun there!

So now it’s over to you…….. My 5 tags for this one are:

Single Mummy




Crystal Jigsaw

Oh, and if I haven’t tagged you and you fancy having a go then am tagging you too!!!

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