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Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

Yesterday B came home from school stating that “Jesus wasn’t seen by anyone when he wasn’t in the cave he was buried in, although people think he came back to life, no-one saw him.”

Now let me get one thing straight, we don’t go to church every Sunday but I see myself as a Christian, attended church every Sunday until B was 14 months and we moved, I went back to work and life (or the devil depending on your beliefs) got in the way. I have been to church in the last 5 and half years, mainly for christenings I know, but I still have my faith. I don’tmike52ad @ force God and Jesus and religion on my girls but B has always expressed an interest in Jesus and classes herself as a Christian and at this stage in her life that’s what she chooses to believe.

The thing that really annoys me is that we live in a Christian country yet my daughter comes home with the statement above. It clearly states in all 4 gospels that Jesus was seen by his disciples before he ascends to heaven. I am not saying that is what everyone should believe, and yes, if we want our kids to hear the word of God then we can take them to church. But when teaching the Christian meaning of Easter, a big part of the story is that Jesus rose again. For a Christian, The Bible is the proof. No, we don’t have “proof” any of it is true. But why teach a half story? Teach what Christian’s believe, what their Faith is founded on. Easter is a more important story for Christian’s than Christmas. The school wouldn’t “edit” a Muslim belief for it to be more PC.

Now I know I am only going on what B has come home and said, but it really hit a nerve with me – just as things do at Christmas. We are a welcoming nation. There is free speech and we welcome any race and religion onto our land. We let our citizens build Mosques, wear their clothes as dictated by their beliefs, and we accept those who have no religious commitments. Everyone is equal. That’s a brilliant mark as to why so many people want to come to us for a better life. But does that really mean our children can’t be taught about Christianity correctly in school. Does this really mean that Christian workers should have to work Christmas day and yet those of other faiths expect time of for their religious festivals. Ok I admit to generalising here, and I am sure this isn’t the case every where in the country – but it does upset me at times that our Queen is the head of the Church of England, yet we can’t openly celebrate the teachings of that church, should we wish to, without upsetting people.

I apologise to anyone who thinks I am out of line here, I am no way trying to say we shouldn’t embrace other faiths and cultures, merely in doing so we shouldn’t forget our own. Or is it just that we have become a nation of none believers? I’d love to hear other opinions on this.


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  1. We do seem to have lost sight of the fact that Christianity was at the core of being English until well into the 20th century. There should be as much respect for our national religion as well as those new to our shores.

    Comment by Becky | March 19, 2010 | Reply

    • I am so glad I am not alone with this – and also glad that my point seems to have come across correctly!!

      Comment by supersinglemum | March 19, 2010 | Reply

  2. Amy went to a faith first school, church of England, and she used to come home asking all sorts of questions; the worst one I used to struggle with was “does God love me more than you do?” What kind of education are these people teaching our kids to enable them to ask their parents such ridiculous questions. There are so many religions around now that it can be very confusing for any child, or indeed adult, to learn what their own faith really means.

    I am of course a bad example of faith due to my mediumship beliefs of which I talk little about because of the contraversy surrounding it. My beliefs don’t extend to Jesus as the son of God, but I do believe in God as the divine spirit, even though it is apparently proven that Jesus lived and indeed preached. I am a descendant of the devil. So I am led to believe by many; but whatever I am, I still have feelings and I still love God.

    CJ xx

    Comment by Crystal Jigsaw | March 19, 2010 | Reply

    • I have to admit although I believe in God and Jesus, I do believe there is more than the Bible teaches and leading a Christian life does not necessarily mean going to church. Many people follow “The 10 Commandments” and live a moral life – In my belief these people are more likely to find themselves in Heaven than the murderer who attends the prison chapel every week. It’s what’s in the heart and only God can see that. I do also believe in ghosts and things around us, angels, spirits call them what you will. Yet this is not generally seen as part of the C of E teachings. I think you are right though, school’s confuse things. They try and teach religion the same way they teach maths, 1+1=2 and Christianity is written in a text book with right and wrong answers – that’s not what faith is about, no matter what your faith is in! It has all made me think maybe I should start going back to church, maybe all this is a sign, and maybe B needs the guidance of Sunday school teachings to decide on her beliefs?

      Comment by supersinglemum | March 19, 2010 | Reply

  3. As an atheist I actually don’t like my son having Christianity “forced” upon him… (that’s what it feels like). He is in his first year in primary school. They’re only teaching him about Christianity. There’s many religions out there, and I feel that he should be allowed the choice. Only teaching him about Christianity and saying “it HAPPENED” to a 6 year old boy is making him believe in something, only because he’s been told it’s fact. Much like he believes in Santa and the Tooth Fairy – because he’s told by adults that these are real. It’s the same with religion. He looks up to his teacher as an adult he can respect, and as someone who teaches him.

    I don’t think kids of 6 should be getting taught about religion in school. They’re too young in my opinion. His Dad however, isn’t too happy that I told my son the other side of the story… that the stuff in the Bible may not have happened. (His Dad believesIt’s just what some people believe, and that other people believe in other things. But I don’t want him thinking Christianity is the only thing out there. We live in northern Scotland, so other religions/cultures etc aren’t that common, however even still, what if a Muslim child joined his class. Would the children all tell him his beliefs are WRONG? Because after all… they’ve been taught that Christianity is the way… (and his school isn’t a religious school or “faith school” so it says it isn’t though I’d beg to differ…).

    Even back in primary school I debated these issues myself with teachers. I told them back in primary 5, 6 and 7 that only teaching about Christianity was wrong – Not allowing children informed decision making.

    I don’t mind religion or religious people at all, for their beliefs. I just don’t agree in it being forced onto people, and I feel this is what is happening in a lot of schools. I think if we taught children about other religions too, just maybe there’d be less religious hatred? If kids were brought up being taught about different religions and beliefs, that they’d be more open to accepting them?

    What age is the right age though? I don’t know… I can’t answer that.

    However I have to say I think I’m in semi-agreement to what B came out with. Maybe they’re teaching that, yes, the Bible may NOT have happened. Which is the truth. It may not have. Some believe it did, some that it didn’t. Children get to decide which to believe…

    Though it’s a tricky one! Religion will always be a debatable and tricky subject.

    Comment by Louise @ WeeWifie's World | March 22, 2010 | Reply

    • Completely agree with your opinion of it not being forced on them. Although I believe in The word of the Bible, it doesn’t mean my daughters will. Thankfully at B’s school they do learn a lot about other religions too. It just may be beacause I don’t know the teachings of other religions it always seems it’s the Christian stories that are edited! I am sure they are teaching it as “This is what Christian’s believe…..” and that’s fine, it’s a multi race and faith school so I know they have to teach it as a subject not as a belief – if you follow! It’s interesting how things differ depending on area though!

      Comment by supersinglemum | March 22, 2010 | Reply

      • Yes, I totally agree with you there! =)

        I stumbled across your blog from someone else I “follow” who is doing the 101 things task, who linked to yours.

        I’m filling in my 101 things just now.

        Comment by Louise @ WeeWifie's World | March 22, 2010 | Reply

        • Well I am glad your here! I’m following you on Twitter to and will be reading your blog too as I enjoyed reading earlier!!!

          Comment by supersinglemum | March 22, 2010 | Reply

  4. Although I am not a religious man, I have read the Bible and have to say it appears that today it’s words and meanings have been watered down so much so and people seem to twist it’s words to suit an justify their own jilted views and opinions. I used to think to have religion was a good thing as it bought discipline and hope to large majority, now however I am divided as it is at the root of almost every war that has ever been and is.
    I am not knocking or dismissing any religion in particular or any individuals beliefs and outlooks, this is merely my own judgment. But as religious people you must agree that religion is misused by a large majority to justify wrong doings and actions of personal judgement?

    Comment by rob | October 22, 2010 | Reply

    • Hmmm, yes I agree with your point here, religion can be used to justify the wrong actions, but I’m not quite sure how this fits in with what I originally wrote this post about!! Yes the words and meanings have been, in some cases, twisted, but I was just annoyed that the school wasn’t seemingly teaching the correct story of a Christian understanding of the Easter story! Thanks for reading!

      Comment by supersinglemum | November 1, 2010 | Reply

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