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101 Update!

So if you don’t know what my 101 is all about then check out my 101 Things in 1001 Days page! It is amazing me though, how I have been meaning to do alot of things for a while and just from writing them down and knowing I have a realistic time frame to do them, I seem to be sailing through! So here is an update on the next 5 to cross off the list:

17 – Buy a Car – I picked up my car last Saturday, of course my new job has made the car a necessity rather than a lifestyle choice, but the fact I now have the freedom to get out and about when ever I want is amazing! I actually can’t believe I have done 15 months without a car!! Now to research days out, especially as the weather is picking up!

48 – Convince someone else to take up blogging – If you haven’t already, check out Mum to J’s Blog who I not only convinced to blog but went round to help her set up her account. She’s a mum of a 4 year old boy and is about to emigrate to Australia with her husband and son and has already found a release throughBag Charm blogging, I am sure given time and once the move is out the way then there will be great stuff to come from her!

54 – Take up a new crafting hobby – I have been attending our local craft centre for the last 4 weeks and am now well and truely hooked on jewellery making. So far I have mastered phone charms, 2 styles of necklace, bag charms and earrings and could very easily spend a fortune on kit! I am confident I will blog in more detail about this in the future so watch this space!


85 – Buy a Diary and use it – I had always used my calendar on my phone, but had noticed recently that as this is just a generic calendar it doesn’t tell you when the bank holidays are etc. So I hung off till March and got a diary for 99p and it gets checked and written in daily! I feel so much more organised now!

96 – Completely sort out iTunes – Now this one I am proud of,My iTunes my iTunes was previously full of unknown tracks and unless it was stuff I had downloaded or put on myself (ok was all put on myself but I borrowed some various mp3 discs from a friend a while back), it was a mess! So although it took me a few 2-3 hour stints to do my tracks are all named, and if iTunes couldn’t find the artwork I managed to find pictures from elsewhere on the net and import them – I didn’t even know that was possible! So my iTunes are now ready for when I have the spare pennies to get an iPhone!


So there we go, a few more items crossed off and 3 of them I definitely only got done because I had included them in my 101!! Watch this space for news of more!

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  1. Well done!! You have really inspired me to do this too as I ALWAYS have jobs which I mean to get done and then never get around to. I have started writing my list but so far am at about 53 so I have a little way to go yet!!

    Comment by MummyMatters | March 17, 2010 | Reply

    • Have you included on that list to find somewhere to rent lol!!!

      Comment by supersinglemum | March 17, 2010 | Reply

  2. I have written my list, I have stolen a few of yours I am afraid will be posting it later xx

    Comment by andthenallithoughtaboutwasyou | March 18, 2010 | Reply

    • Steal away, I got inspiration from someone else too! There is a group on British Mummy Bloggers called Day Zero Project too, there was only 2 of us last time I looked! Look forward to reading your list and crossing the “Get someone to take up this challenge” off my list too! xx

      Comment by supersinglemum | March 18, 2010 | Reply

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