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Mummy Tummy Begone, No Really – Go Away Tummy Leave Me Alone!

My tummy bugs me, what bugs me more is I have a midrif that sticks out further that my tummy. I hate my shape. Nothing looks flattering on me. I have fairly large boobs, a massive middle, an ok (considering my size) waist, a 2 c-section hang over tummy and my thighs need a tone. Oh and bingo wings. I like my hands and feet! So ok your all thinking “she can’t be that bad”, and to look at me it’s probably not as bad for every one else but my self image is awful and I need to sort it out.

I’ve always been on the larger side. I hit puberty and all the chocolate and crisps from the previous 3 years piled on. I never did diets because I saw mum and dad diet and regain weight and didn’t want to do that. I married at 20 and was quite happy, I didn’t have a flat tummy (although looking back I wish I had appreciated what I had!) but I was in proportion and about 2 stone lighter than I am now.

I fell pregnant with B and ballooned all over – I literally ate for 2 and didn’t think beyond the pregnancy, after 3 years and fertility treatment I was just focused on having a baby not what it would do to me. B was delivered by elective cesarean as she was breech, so I had that 12 week period of not being able to do much and so the weight didn’t shift early on. When B was 14 months I started weight watchers and lost 2 and half stone, but still wanted to loose another 1 and half stone. We moved house, routines changed and I didn’t loose, in fact I gained about a stone by the time I was pregnant again with H. I was good with my eating this time round, probably mainly due to the fact I seperated from my husband half way through and so lost my appetite. I opted for VBAC as I really wanted to know what labour felt like (hmmmm), but was over due and so was induced 10 days after my due date. After 12 hours of labour and not much progression things went pear shaped and to cut a long story short I was rushed for another section under a general anesthetic due to my uterus rupturing. My insides were pretty mangled but thankfully everything was able to be sewn back together and after 5 days on SCBU, H was fine. But again it meant I was sore, much more than the 1st time round.

The weight this time round shifted early on, as a new single mum of 2 I was back on my feet and doing more than was probably recommended at just 3 weeks – there was noone else to do it. But we are now 19 months on and my pre pregnancy clothes that 6 months ago were getting loose, are now fitting a little too snuggly! I’ve started snacking at night again. My portion sizes after watching this weeks Super Nanny, are way off the mark and I need to sort it out.

Well, as if by some psychic mummy blogger magic, the lovely Karin at Cafe Bebe wrote a post a few days ago saying the same thing, that she needs to take the bull by the horns and do something about it and by blogging it she hopes to crack it. A few of us all shouted out saying that’s us too and so Mummy Tummy Begone was born. I know Karin has already started and I am sat eating crisps and dip while I write, but my plan is to start the proper diet on Monday 22nd March, because that is the day I start work and so that means 1. I won’t be able to snack through the day so easily and 2. H will be in nursery so hopefully I will find some time to do things like the gym or swimming. So I have just over a week to decide how I am going to tackle this one. Watch this space…………..

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What a difference a child makes!

I thought the time had come to write about the differences between my girls, because I can’t believe how many there are!image


I tried to find 2 pictures of the same things but this is my girls both at approx. 18 months – yep that’s right these are 2 different kids of the same age not the same kid at different ages. If I posted a picture of H at around a year old though………


Now for anyone who has never seen my kids in the flesh, you are probably not seeing as many similarities as there are in true life because we all know the camera is a frozen view, but believe me when you take into account facial expression etc, they are probably 95% identical! That’s not a bad thing in itself, but I do find myself making comparisons on their development based on the fact that looks wise they are so alike!

They both started walking at around the same age, B was 16 months and H was 14 months, yet both started cruising around 7 months and with both I had expected the first steps to come sooner. They are both chatter boxes and there’s no stopping them babbling away. They both sleep and did so from and early age. (I honestly don’t like to shout about it because I know I am in the minority here!) But the differences are amazing.

At 18 months we took B on our 1st family holiday. We went to sunny Majorca with my parents and brother and I have clear memories of it. I remember B holding full conversations with us all, full sentences and tone – the works. Now I know I say H is a chatter box, but she is only just mastering 2 words together, she can do “yes please”, or “juice please” but she doesn’t say “Can I have more juice please” like B used to. Maybe this is one of the reasons why I still see H as much more of a baby than I did B at this point. At 18 months B was just starting to be fussy about her food. She was just coming out of the eat whatever is put in front of me stage (excluding most veg of course) and  it was beginning to be difficult to get her to try new foods. H on the other hand loves her food and although she does push some things to side of her plate, she has never (touch wood) refused to eat a meal, unless she has been ill or over tired. The big thing though is the tantrums. B didn’t really start with tantrums until she was about 3, I mean massive tantrums that last over 5 minutes of screaming, stamping feet and the like. With H this has started and it started about 6 months ago!

Now I am in no way trying to find reasons, because the reason is simple – they are 2 different people, B was an only child, H has an older sister who tries to talk for her, has tantrums she can copy and leaves toys around which H plays with. Plus I am a different person, I’m now a single mum, more relaxed about parenting as I have some experience this time, and in myself a much more contented person. It just fascinates me every day that 2 children, who so far look so alike, and are so alike in many ways, can also be so different. Bringing up kids is amazing and this is just another reason why!


Oh and if you want similarities, this was me at the same age!

I’d love to hear about the similarities and differences between your children too!

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