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The Problem with Underwear

Right before any of you fret, I am not talking my own underwear, that’s not for a family orientated blog!!

No, I am talking the issues I have with B and her pants (I know generally pants are for boys and knickers are for girls, but we have always used the word pants). The issue 1st started about 2 years ago – maybe there is a psycological link here with the big family upheavel that happened around the same time. I digress…..the issue is that she hates the way pants feel. When the issue started she was 5 and when she wore age 5-6 pants she said they dug in round her legs and went up her bum. Ok, she has always been tall for her age so we bought some larger ones to see if that helped and initially it did. The problem went away for a little while and has come back here and there along the way but just lately we have had some major problems all due to pants. For the last week we have had the most nightmare mornings when it comes to getting dressed. She puts on pants in the mindset they are going to be uncomfortable. As soon as they are pulled up she starts grunting, squealing and throwing herself around. It’s not nice to watch but at her age (7) it is frustrating me that she still can’t explain to me why they are ncomfortable. We have tried breifs, full “granny” style and the boy short style. It doesn’t seem the style that matters, they are all comfortable but nt always. It’s hard to explain the issue because I don’t know what the issue is. She does however, suffer from very red and sore creases at the tops of her legs, due to the fact she doesn’t seem to dry herself properly every time after a bath. It flares up every few weeks and goes down within a day with the aid of moisturiser. But this flaring up doesn’t seem to match with the pants issue.

I don’t know what blogging about this will achieve, maybe someone else has experienced, or has a child with the same problem. Maybe someone has some ideas as to what else I can try. Or maybe it’s just I need a voice for my frustration that I don’t seem to be able to sort this out. I even bought her some new ones last week and she is refusing to wear them already and yet she hasn’t tried them on! I feel like I am banging my head against a brick wall. Today I have tried to explain to her that different styles feel different and that just because they feel different each day that throwing a paddy will only make it worse. We have also agreed she will try her new pants tomorrow with no “stressing” so fingers crossed! No one said motherhood was easy but this is not an issue I expected to face!!!

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