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A “Cot Free” home!!!

Wow, it brings a tear to my eye but that’s it, my baby days are over, never again will my home have a cot. I don’t know why, but it’s a big thing for me this time round. I guess it’s because H is number 2, and I am 99.9% certain I won’t have any more kids, so not only i it a mark of her getting olderbut it’s a mark of me getting older too.

I had been thinking about the cot to bed transition at Christmas. I decided against it then mainly because of so much other stuff going on at the time, but she is now 19 months and thats slightly older than when B moved from her cot. So thats it, no going back. I was secretly dreading bedtime. She had already climbed in and out a couple of times, so she knew what was waiting for her at bedtime, but I was expecting her to think it a new game, being able to get out of bed. I think I covered my anxiety well though and bedtime was the same as usual. I got her ready for bed, she had a drink of milk and then off we went. So far I have had to go in to her once and that was because she had dropped Igglepiggle on the floor and didn’t even think to get out of her bed to get him! That was an hour ago.  While B is still singing to herself – loudly – there is no noise coming from H. I don’t want to count my chickens though, we can’t say we have cracked it until she has slept the night through, and even then I won’t be celebrating until she has had at least a week!

On a slightly different line though, I feel like it’s kind of pushed me forward a little. I have been single now for coming up 2 years and as much as would love to be in a relationship for my own personal reasons, the fact H is so young has stopped me. It’s strange though, now the cot has gone I don’t feel like I have a baby in the house any more, so in a strange way I feel like I can move on completely now!


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  1. For some strange reason I have kept my daughters cot in the loft. I should really give it away but you never know! 🙂

    Comment by mediocre_mum | February 22, 2010 | Reply

    • Yes I am sure when she comes to go into a big bed, the cot will sit in storage for a while lol!

      Comment by supersinglemum | February 22, 2010 | Reply

  2. Well you did it, well done – I wish I would dare to move Baby Bean from cot to bed but I think I’m going to wait until she is 2 and then give it a try then? Eeeek?!?!?! I shall wait and see how things go with you and H first xx And as for the dating, you go girl – you’re a great person and I’m sure will make someone very happy xx

    Comment by Sabina Green | February 23, 2010 | Reply

    • Night 1went without a glitch, I even had to go in this morning to tell her she could get out of bed! t wont last long though, she will soon realise and then the fun starts!!! Thanks, I just need to find a man to date now- watch out world lmao!!!

      Comment by supersinglemum | February 23, 2010 | Reply

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